RALLY – Hexham -Morpeth – Paterson
After getting organized at Hexham a large group headed off for a quick drive to Kings Wharf at Morpeth for morning tea. The park has been upgraded with a new carpark which was welcomed considering the crowd enjoying the sunshine and a chat with friends. After morning tea we headed off for a longer drive to Paterson for lunch. It is always pleasant to drive through the Hunter Valley and today was no exception. The lovely weather stayed with us and everyone enjoyed the company. Lyle took the opportunity to present Sylvia Liddle with her NDVCCC badge.
After lunch and a chat we made our way home concluding another great outing with club members

RALLY – Sketchley Cottage Museum Raymond Terrace to Mortel’s Sheepskin Café
After starting in a variety of places, Club Rooms, Hexham Maccas and homes, the rally participants, at least 12 old cars and about 20 people, met up at Sketchley Cottage Museum at Raymond Terrace for a dose of history and morning tea. Many of us commented on the fact that we had driven past the cottage for many years without realizing it existed. The local history was interesting and it was supported by a wide range of old household items. It is always interesting to see how people lived over 100 years ago. After morning tea we headed off across the farmland between Raymond Terrace and Maitland until we reached Mortel’s Sheepskin Factory with its shop and café. In amongst getting lunch there was shopping and socializing to be done.
Another good day out with friends and the old cars.

RALLY – Gresford Billy Cart Derby
Lots of people, old cars, billy carts and fun. The weather was cool and sunny and the atmosphere welcoming. Gresford turned on a good show. The billy carts engaged in some exciting racing with close finishes and a few crashes. All age groups were represented and the size of the smile didn’t change with age. Our club joined several others in the display of old cars and I am confident that everyone had a good day out

RALLY – Saturday lunch at Bulga

Some of our club photos