If  any member has photos of restoration projects PLEASE email them in so we can showcase the skills and the projects our club members have achieved.
A few photos and some words about the the project can be sent to the website admin e-mail and the webmaster will do the rest
Social Events
Our club is a social club. We organise a rally each month on a weekend and we also have a mid week run once  a month on a Wednesday
We are always looking for new members to come along and join us. So if you have a veteran, vintage or classic car we would love you to come along and join us
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170316013805_Sunday_(3) 170316013805_Mt_Panorama 170316013805_20160511_123803
170316013539_Pano_-Easter_Rally_-_Forster_2011_(22) 170316013539_P9110527 170316013539_IMG_2967
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