If  any member has photos of restoration projects PLEASE email them in so we can showcase the skills and the projects our club members have achieved.
A few photos and some words about the the project can be sent to the website admin e-mail and the webmaster will do the rest
Social Events
Our club is a social club. We organise a rally each month on a weekend and we also have a mid week run once  a month on a Wednesday
We are always looking for new members to come along and join us. So if you have a veteran, vintage or classic car we would love you to come along and join us
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Bay to Birdwood Rally - Golden Oldies 3 week adventure
This year our Golden Oldies rally saw us heading out on a 3 week round trip to Adelaide to participate in the Bay to Birdwood Rally. We had 14 cars start out.  2 hours into the trip one of our members was T-Boned and had his Mustang written off. No one was hurt thank goodness. So they headed back to Newcastle with their car on a tray truck, swapped over to their modern and joined us the next day. The following day an FJ failed and it was sent home on a tray truck and our members drove him in a hire car, picked up their old Mercedes and joined us a day later. Seeing a theme here anyone?? Over the next three weeks two more cars were to fail and be sent home on a tray with one set of members not completing the rally. Our travels us to us to Ballarat; Sovereign Hill; Horsham; the Grampians; Glenelg; Adelaide Hills, The Barossa valley, Adelaide itself, Edinburgh; The Clare Valley; Renmark; Mildura; Swan Hill; Albury; Goulburn then home. It was an epic journey.   We saw some amazing sights and had some fun times.   Unfortunately this trip was plagued by broken down cars day after day, which put a damper on things.    Our thanks have to go to terry Smith who tirelessly worked on each car as it failed. Without him this trip would have been a nightmare and Vickie Smith who never complained once about all the work her husband was undertaking. Two great people indeed they are.
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Restoration Projects
Our club has some very skilled people. Many hours have been put into restoration projects. Here are a few of our projects by members.

Restoration of a Grey Fergy Tractor by John Donaldson
With the purchase of our new property in Vacy, we inherited a 1956 Grey Fergy Tractor. It was siting sad and unloved in a corner of the machinery shed and had not been in operation for many long years. Its engine had been half stripped and then left  its paint was old and worn and not even the right colour and both its back tyres were flat - though it has to be said  only on the bottom!
On inspection I discovered the engine needed a complete overhaul, the tractor was leaking oil from every joint and gasket and the brakes needed major work. Nothing for it I had to strip the old tractor down to a bare chassis and start from there.
The engine overhaul consisted of new liners and pistons  all new valves in the head  all new bearings and all seals replaced. The brakes were completely overhauled due to the old linings being impregnated with oil. Then came the cosmetics - replacement of parts like foot running boards  broken steering wheel  badges  wiring etc.    Once everything was repaired or replaced and put back together it was time to repaint the old tractor back to its original Fergy grey and make it look new and spiffy  full of life and ready to work once more. Now the tractor is back in service and is dutifully mowing our 4 acres of grass. This was a labour of love that has restored a derelict old tractor back into a much loved and beautiful piece of machinery once again.    Both tractor and owner are a very happy team.

One ongoing current restoration by John Donaldsonis a 1924 Garford Fire Engine being restored .  As this restoration progresses ongoing updates will be posted.
1924 Garford Fire Engine - In progress
The fire engine was acquired in Oct 2012 from a deceased estate

Little is known about the history of this fire engine since it was decommissioned from the fire service at Canowindra in June 1960. In the 50 odd years of private use it had lost its wooden wheel s – being replaced with land cruiser rims, the top had been cut out of the rear compartment and all the rear compartment doors were missing.The vehicle had finally been park up as it had a major engine failure. A cam follower had come loose, resulting in two bent valves, broken valve guides, damaged block and a hole broken out through the crankcase and the cast iron sump shattered as the various loose parts where thrown around by the crankshaft. Quite a mess and the magneto had also vacated the scene at some time.Other than that, the fire engine was fairly complete, although a lot of brackets and anything not bolted down had also been pilfered over the years.
After some enquiries through the Fire museum I gathered the following information

Went into service May 1924 at Eastwood (Sydney)

Then stationed at Narrabri

Then Windsor (Sydney)

Then Coonamble

Then Canowindra and finally decommissioned from the fire service June 1960

Had the solid rubber tired converted to Pneumatic in 1945, although these wheels were also long gone.The original headlights had also been replaced with sealed beam lights at some time during its active service and the switches on the dash had been replaced with domestic light switches.These mods where common to all the 1924 Garford fire engines during their service and are as you will see them at the various museums.It is my intention to restore the Fire truck back to as near to original as possibleThis picture shows the fire engine as it was originally commissioned in May 1924 with its original solid rubber tyres and bucket type headlamps
Engine  July 2015 The first job was to sort the engine as replacement parts are not available. The truck runs a 4 cylinder Buda engine. Buda was a American company who only made industrial engines for trucks and Marine use, so they are very scarce and near impossible to source any parts or information.I managed to source another engine that had been sitting in the weather with the cracked cylinder head removed. The head and barrels were beyond use but the crankcase unbolts from the cylinders and between the two engines there were enough serviceable parts to make one good engine
The engine was fully overhauled and assembled with the best parts from both engines. A Magneto was sourced from a mate in Victoria and a few parts had to be manufactured in the lathe. The engine is now complete and ready to run. 
Gearbox and clutch  August 2015 The gearbox was in fair condition although the shift leaver was seized in its housing and the forward reverse gears where fairly worn. The duel plate clutch plates were broken and needed replacing. As luck would have it the spare engine came with a gearbox attached. Once again there where good parts in the spare box to overhaul the original box and the clutch plates were in good condition
Rear axle  November 2016

The rear axle was stripped and was found to be in good condition with the exception of the pinion shaft and seal retainer that had fencing wire wound around it that had cut the housing out. This was repaired and all the original leather seals were replaced with modern lip seals.

Brakes (rear only)  December 2016

The truck has mechanical internal brakes on the rear axle only. Two shoes per wheel are operated by the foot pedal and two shoes by the hand brake. These where all stripped and overhauled.
Front axle and steering  January 2017

The front axle and steering was all stripped and overhauled as required. Not a lot of work was required hare as the vehicle had done very few miles. A lot of this was just stripping and cleaning and of course the tie rod was bent like a banana.

Wheels and rims  February 2017

The original wheels and rims where missing and sourcing the origan items was not an option as the fire service replaced the original solid rubber wheel in 1945. A set of similar Chrysler heavy duty wheels and old new stock rims from the same era were sourced from Daryl Anderson in the club. Daryl has been very generous with supplying parts for this project and I thank him for this. These wheels had to be machined to fit the original Garford hubs and are close to the original spec but with period Pneumatic tyres in place of the original solid rubber tyres.

Fire pump – October 2016

The fire pump was stripped and overhauled; the pump was in remarkably good condition internally and required no new parts to be fully serviceable.

Chassis  February 2017 The chassis was fully stripped and repainted in Monza Red after minor repairs and refurbishment.
Assembly of Mechanicals  March 2017 The suspension, front axle and rear axle was first fitted to the chassis and then wheels and rim/tyres fitted. Thanks Stewart Swards for the use of his rim expander, this made this difficult job very easy and stopped the newly painted rims from getting scratched and damaged.With the chassis back on its wheels, the engine and gearbox was the next to be fitted.
Next to be completed. The fire pump is ready to be fitted but the running board brackets have to be fitted first. The steering box and column is in primer ready for its coat of gloss black and then there are the driveshaft and brake linkages to overhaul and then fitted to complete the mechanics of the truck. The radiator will need to be looked at as there is damage to the cores. The body is as it was removed, so there is a lot of work in that direction yet. The rear body had some rot in the woodwork and rust in the lower panels due to the wet hoses etc. that was stored in this compartment. The top of the rear body had been removed with a chainsaw, so some major reconstruction will be needed there as well. Then there are the missing compartment doors, missing battery box etc., etc.
I am still trying to talk my wife Tracey into polishing the brass rails but not making much ground in that direction either.

April 2017

Now added - the fire pump has been overhauled and fitted and now sits happily on the truck for the first time in many years. Steering column and steering box have also been overhauled and fitted.
The Radiator has now been repaired and the radiator and radiator surround have both been painted and fitted. Exhaust system has been fabricated an fitted. The wooden steering wheel had to be totally refurbished before being refitted as it was in a very poor condition. Work now progresses with the fire wall and dash
John Donaldson
June - December 2017
It has been a fairly quite 6 months on the rebuild as I have been away on a few trips including the Bay to Birdwood Rally with the Club.  The firewall and engine compartment has now been completed.  All the assuages and switches are now overhauled and fitted. The aluminium floor boards had to be repaired and polished before fitting.  The wooden frame for the seat was rotted and damaged so some new pieces of timber were crafted to fit.  The bonnet has been painted and fitted and now corner protective leather boots were sewn together by Trace, then fitted. This month (December) I tempted to fire the engine up but the magneto turned out to be defective. Thanks to Greg Murray donating a magneto from his Graham Brothers Truck the engine is now purring along nicely. The truck has been driven in and out of the workshop a few times now. This is just as well as we are moving house in January and the truck can now be driving on/off the car trailer to its new home.
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