A Brief History of the Newcastle District Vintage & Classic Car Club Inc.
The Newcastle District Vintage Car Club Inc was formed on 20th July 1966 when fourteen enthusiasts met as the 1st Hamilton Scout Hall.   The original club constitution catered for Vintage Vehicle and motor Cycles only, ie. Those manufactured in the period 1st January 1919 to 31st December 1930.   However, over the ensuing years, the Roads and Traffic authority regulations covering concessional registration has been extended to include pre-war and post-war vehicles and we now cut off with a rolling 30 year period.
Two events that considerably enhanced the NDVCC was the foundation of the ladies auxiliary in 1972, which became the Social Committee in 1987, and the second event was the creation of the Upper Hunter Branch of the NDVCC in 1974.
Over the ensuing years the club has continues to grow from humble beginnings with outings and activities catering for family participation. The club has now grown to have in excess of 180 families with some 130 vehicles on Conditional registration, also known as Historic Registration.
In 1996 the club purchased a former church hall to establish the Clubs own Club Rooms located at 78 Main Road, Boolaroo.   The Newcastle District Vintage Car Club became an incorporated body in 1988.   On 8 November 2012 the name The Newcastle District Vintage & Classic Car Club – NDVCCC - became an official name change for the Club.


NDVCCC Inc            Newcastle Districts Vintage & Classic Car Club Inc. including the Upper Hunter Branch

CCAMC Inc.             Country Council of Antique Motor Clubs Inc. Bush Council

AHMF Inc.                Australian Motoring Federation Inc.

Club Objectives:

Without limiting generality of any of the objectives of the Club, the objectives of the Club are:

- Sponsor and encourage the restoration and preservation of Motor Vehicles
        The term Motor Vehicle refers to all forms of motorised road transport, including Cars, Trucks and Motor Cycles.
Form a group of owners of Motor Vehicles who shall subscribe to these objectives
- Engage in rallies, exhibitions and other events suitable for Motor Vehicles.
- Establish and foster correct use and maintenance techniques for Motor Vehicles and show, by example, general motor safety.
- Promote a better and wide knowledge and understanding of motor vehicles among both Club members and the general public.
- Offer the services of the Club, its members and vehicles, to charitable organisations as occasion arises
- Encourage the retention of Vintage Motor Vehicles
- Promote a spirit of fellowship and goodwill among members
- Establish and maintain a library of Motoring books and memorabilia

Club Meetings:

The Newcastle Branch General Meeting of the Club is held each month at:
78 Main Road
, Boolaroo
On the THIRD WEDNESDAY NIGHT commencing at 7:30pm, to deal with Club business and enjoy the company of members and visitors.
Routine business is dealt with by the Management Committee which meets on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month.
Any member may attend the Management Committee meeting as an observer.
The December meeting is held on the SECOND Wednesday in December due to Christmas break.
There is no Management Committee meeting in January for the same reason.

The Annual General meeting of the Parent Club is held in conjunction with the January General meeting.

The Upper Hunter Branch meets each month in the:
Muswellbrook RSL
113 Bridge St
Muswellbrook, NSW, 2333
On the THIRD THURSDAY NIGHT commencing at 7:30pm

All Visitors and new Members are especially welcome at either the Newcastle or Upper Hunter meetings.